Tube Feeding with a Blenderized Diet Webinar (1.5 CEUs)

Tube Feeding with a blenderized diet webinar (3).png
Tube Feeding with a blenderized diet webinar (3).png

Tube Feeding with a Blenderized Diet Webinar (1.5 CEUs)


This audio webinar includes everything you need to feel confident initiating and managing blenderized diets, using real food through a feeding tube. Learn how to assess the advantages and disadvantages and how to decide if someone is appropriate for it. You’ll learn the exact steps to build a blenderized feeding tube regimen, including how to start a blenderized diet, how to progress the diet, and how to create blenderized diet recipes. Approved for 1.5 CEUs by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

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The webinar will cover:

  • Blenderized diet advantages/disadvantages
  • Decision tree to use when deciding if someone is an appropriate candidate for blenderized feeds
  • How to choose the appropriate type of blend
  • How to wean onto a blenderized diet
  • How to progress the blenderized diet 
  • Creating recipes for optimal nutrition
  • Checklist with blenderized feeding supply list
  • Blenderized feeding tips and tricks


“Alissa combines evidence-based guidance with real-life scenarios. The information presented was something I was immediately was able to apply in my practice. Blenderized diets are becoming a bigger demand by patients and patient families, and it is essential that practitioners learn the latest in how this can be done in a safe and sustainable way.”

Angela Lemond, RDN, CSP, LD

“Working in oncology, I am often asked about more integrative tube feeding therapies. Prior to Alissa’s talk, I didn’t know where to start. After attending, I clearly understood how to begin my patients on a blenderized diet and manage their feeding plan, transitioning them from traditional formula to real food and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. You will walk away knowing that you have the tools and skills needed to guide a patient who wants to do blenderized feeds. This is a great resource for nutrition professionals and students!” 

-Jackie Topol, MS, RD, CSO, CDN

“Alissa’s knowledge about blenderized tube feeding is invaluable to any professional working with tube feed-dependent patients. Her presentation was very well outlined and provided guidance for initiating, transitioning, and managing blenderized feeds. She provided several important details that one may not necessarily think about right away. Through this presentation, I feel confident to assist my patients with incorporating whole foods into their diet!”

-Taylor Evans, MS, RD, CDN

“At the end of the webinar I felt empowered and inspired to help more patients and their families pursue blenderized tube feedings. Cooking and feeding is one of the greatest ways we care for those we love. As a registered dietitian being able to guide our patients and families in providing safe, nutritious blenderized feedings is a priceless skill for us to be able to offer our patients. What better way for us to help our patients eat well via their tube feeding. I now have more tools and knowledge to be able to guide patients in home blenderized tube feedings.”

-Michele Walcek, RD, CDN