We provide nutrition support to people being fed through feeding tubes.

Do you need help finding the best formula?

Are you having trouble tolerating your current tube feeding plan?

Are you losing weight?

Are you trying to wean off the tube feed? 

if so, we can help


A blenderized diet is one in which you blend whole, real foods and put the liquified food through your feeding tube. People who use the blenderized diet report the following benefits: 

  • More energy
  • Less stomach bloating
  • Improvement in reflux
  • Fewer episodes of nausea or vomiting
  • Better quality of life 

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We have years of experience helping patients who are being fed through a tube. We provide support for the following:

  • Choosing the right tube feed formula
  • Tube feed intolerance (nausea, gas, reflux, etc)
  • Weaning off of a feeding tube 
  • Calorie, protein and fluid tracking to support weaning 
  • Customized meal plans for pureed, chopped, regular diets
  • Prevention of weight loss / Help with weight gain 

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We provide in-home nutrition services to clients living in the New York City metro area.  For those who live outside of NYC, services are available via phone or video conferencing. 



Learn more about tube feeding with a blenderized diet. 

Tube Feeding with a blenderized diet webinar (3).png

Webinar: Tube Feeding with a blenderized Diet

Learn how to start and manage blenderized diets, using real food through a feeding tube. Assess the advantages and disadvantages and learn how to decide if someone is appropriate for a blenderized diet. You’ll learn the exact steps to build a blenderized feeding tube regimen, including how to start a blenderized diet, how to progress the diet, and how to create blenderized diet recipes. Approved for 1.5 CEUs by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

Blenderized Tube Feed Recipe Book Cover (1).png

Blenderized Tube Feed Recipe book


This e-book contains 10 blenderized tube feed recipes created and tested by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Alissa Rumsey. All recipes are balanced nutritionally and include full nutrition information.